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Transylvania is a sort of a wonderland, being located in Central Europe we have four distinct seasons. Each of them is special and unique. Because Transylvania is the part of Europe with the most archaic and well preserved style of life and traditions every season is marked with specific activities for each season.  Autumn is the season when locals prepare themselves for the harsh winter that is to come, is the season of wine, of pickles and fire wood. Every family is caught by the rush of preserving autumn vegetables crops. This year we made 125 liters of wine, 50 jars of zacusca(a traditional vegetable spread), 15 jars of pickled cucumbers and many jars of jams.

Already started to have one fire each evening in the traditional masonry stoves. Enjoy a few pictures of this season in Transylvania.

Photo credit my good friend Nicu Hoandra.