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One day trip to Transfagarasan Highway

Best road in the world!


7-8 hours/260 km


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Transfagarasan Tour is a full day tour which will give you the opportunity to admire some of the most astonishing landscapes of Romania. We will start our trip from Sighisoara along Hartibaciu Valley heading to Carpathian Mountains through Hartibaciu Plateau. This road used to be a very important commercial route of Transylvania, until mid XX century a narrow gauge steam railway connected Sibiu to Sighisoara (108 km) operated by steam-hauled trains. The landscape along the road is magical, secluded by rolling hills, scenic valleys, tall mountain peaks and abundant vegetation. Once in Sambata de Jos, close to the mountains we will visit the Lipizzaner stud farm established in 1874 while Transylvania was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and its first horses were brought there from the Mezohegyes state farm (Hungary), with all the blood lines originating from the Lipica (Lipizza) stud farm in Slovenia. The stud has over 300 Lipizzaner horses, which are bred in four sections and subsections. The pure Lipizzaner horse breed comes from the following blood lines: Conversano, Favory, Maestoso, Neapolitano, Pluto, Siglavy-Capriola and Tulipán. Originally a carriage-horse, the Lipizzaner is wildly used to perform difficult exercises of the Spanish Riding School. The beauty and uniqueness of this breed is often exemplified by the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

We will continue our journey on the Transfagarasan Highway, Romania’s most spectacular and best well known road in the world. It was built between 1970-1974 on the personal initiative  of Nicolae Ceausescu, the former Romanian communist dictator. Transfagarasan Highway was built as a strategic military route  between the two historical provinces of Romania, Transylvania and Wallahia. It  stretches 90 km with twists and turns that run north to south across the tallest sections of the Carpathian Mountains up to 2042 m in altitude near Balea Lake where it has the longest road tunnel in Romania, 884m in length. We will go up to the highest point of this highway, Balea Lake, where we will have lunch in an iconic top of the mountain restaurants of Europe. Due to its altitude this road is open only between 30 of June till 01 November allowing me to offer this tour only in this time interval. On the way back, optional Sambata Orthodox Monastery can be visited.

In the end I will give you some general and some customized tips as I don’t want you to enjoy just the time we spend together, but your entire stay in Transylvania or Romania.

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