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Travel advice for Transylvania

Name Transylvania / Transilvania, derives from the Latin “Terra Ultra Silvam” which means “The land beyond the forest”. Transylvania is by far more interesting for tourism in terms of history, traditions and culture than the other two historical provinces of Romania, Moldova and Wallachia.

Surface: 57.000 km2 (22.008 sq mi)± same size as West Virginia State in USA.

Official language: is Romanian, but a large percentage of people speaks also Hungarian and German and the young generation speak very good English.

Population: 6.475.894 about 30% of the entire population of Romania

Main cities: Cluj-Napoca (324,576), Brașov (253,200), Sibiu (147,245), Târgu Mureș (134,290), Sighisoara (28,102)

Climate: Transylvania’s latitude and longitude is 46° 00′ N and 25° 00′ E, due to that it has a temperate continental climate with very distinct four seasons.

Average monthly temperatures in Transylvania

Average monthly temperatures in Transylvania

Visa & passport: Since 2007 Romania is a part of the EU, so if you are an EU citizen or a citizen of USA, Canada, Israel, Australia, New Zeeland, Switzerland, Brazil, Uruguay, United Arab Emirates, you DO NOT need a visa.
If you are a citizen of another country is better to inform on official Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs webpage here.

Currency: Even though Romania is an EU member the official local currency is Lei (RON).
Approx value:
1 USD = 4 Lei (RON)
1 EUR = 4,7 Lei (RON)

Romanian bancnotes

Romanian banknotes

Cash, Cards, Local Payments: My advice is to bring some cash with you in USD or EURO, enough to cover your first 2-3 days trip expenses, cash which you can easily exchange in any local bank or exchange office or even pay with to individuals such as tour guides, souvenir sellers, taxi drivers, companies accept only RON. Another convenient way to use your money is to pay with your debit/credit cards in hotel and restaurants and to withdraw money from ATM, credit cards are widely accepted. Automated banking machines are widely available in cities and towns, but not in rural areas. Very important especially if you are coming in Transylvania from USA, inform your bank about your trip in Romania!!! I have seen tourist who had their bank cards blocked by the issuer bank at the first attempt of using the card in Romania. 99% of retailers use personal identification number (PIN) technology for cards.

Tipping Code:  Tipping is generally expected in Transylvania in the same way it is in USA, UK or Canada. In Romania most of the hospitality staff is paid with National Minimum Wage and generally they rely on tips from tourists to make a decent living. The common tip percentage is between 10% to 20% depending on how pleased you were with the quality of the services.

Health: It is in your best interest to bring all the essential medicines and toiletries with you. Case you have forgotten or run out out something do not despair, in Transylvania you can find in pharmacies all the medicines you can find in any other country of EU. We also take great pride with the knowledge and skills of our local doctors. One on top of the other Romania is a very safe country in terms of health, there is no spreading or contagious disease  risk and there are no vaccines you have to take prior of your trip in Transylvania.

Driving in Romania: Main roads are safe and generally in good condition, secondary roads tend to be narrow. The use of seat belts is mandatory, the use of cellular telephones while driving is prohibited, unless they are fitted with a hands-free device, headlights must be on at all times throughout the year.
All cars shell be equiped with a warning triangle, reflective vest, fire extinguisher and a First Aid kit, also between November 1 to March 31 snow tires are mandatory. In Romania is a zero tolerance for drinking and driving, your driver’s licence may be confiscated immediately, and also the driver must carry vehicle registration and proof of insurance.

Emmergency Services: Dial 112 for Police, Ambulance, Firefighters, and any other emergency.

List of Foreign Missions in Romania.

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