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Discover Gabor Gypsyes Culture

Authentic interethnic experience


3 – 4 hours/100 km 


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– Pick up / drop off at your hotel

– Comfortable AC car

– Local  fully licensed, English speaking guide

– Interactive participation encouraged

– Overview of Romanian History and Culture

– Countless stops for photos

– Permanent assistance

Detailed Itinerary

Gabor Gypsies – Interested about Gypsy, Romani, Roma or Gabor culture and traditions? Perfect, than come and meet the Gabor Gypsies of Transylvania, right in the heart of their community.
This custom arranged tour will be probably the most authenthic intercultural experience you can have in Romania. It will take you behind the invisible wall of self segregation into the world of one of the most interesting yet authentic ethnic group of Europe, the gypsies.

We’re going to meet a Gabor Gipsy family at their home in a nearby village of Sighisoara. We’ll chat over coffee and use it as an opportunity to learn about their culture, including the unwritten laws of arranged marriages, traditional rituals, the role of women in family life, the Romani language, and dress codes for Gabor gypsies. There’s plenty more to discover too!

If you’re looking for a deeper cultural encounter, consider having a traditional Gypsy lunch with this family. And if you’re feeling adventurous, they can even arrange a live Gypsy music and dance performance for you to enjoy!

The Gabor Gypsies of Transylvania are considered the aristrocrat caste of the Romanian gypsies due to their commitment in preserving sacred traditions and marrying exclusively within their own ethnic group as a protection measure against integration in the increasingly uniform society of the XXI century.

PS: you will have the chance to ask ANY question.

PPS: This tour can be combined with visiting of Malancrav Fortified Church or Orthodox Monastery in Sighisoara.

You can read more about Gabor Gypsy music here.

And more about Gabor Gypsy Women here.

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