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Sighisoara Medieval Town

Sighisoara Medieval Town – Besides being the birthplace of famous ruler Vlad the Impaler associated with the fictional character of Dracula, Sighisoara has the last still inhabited medieval citadel not only in Transylvania but in whole Europe and also a World Heritage Site since 1993.

Sighisoara Medieval Town was first mentioned in 1191 as a town, built on the site of a former Roman fort named  Castrum Sex, Sighisoara is one of the seven fortified cities of Transylvania established in the 12th century by the German craftsmen and merchants known as  Saxons  who were invited here by the King of Hungary in order of strengthening the Eastern border of Hungarian Kingdom against the invaders.

Due to its dazzling well-preserved medieval architecture and fortifications,Sighisoara is today one of the most beautiful and authentic small medieval towns of Europe.

The main attraction of the city is the Medieval Citadel surrounded by a wall with a length of 930 meters, reinforced with fourteen defense towers and five artillery bastions each of them built and maintained by one of the fifteen local guilds. Today nine of the original fourteen defense towers can be seen, they are: the Blacksmith Tower, the Rope Makers’ Tower, the Butchers’ Tower, the Furriers’ Tower, the Tailors’ Tower, the Shoemakers’ Tower, the Tin Tower, and the Tanners’ Tower.

Among the many other attractions that will take you back in time in the Sighisoara Medieval Town you should not miss The Clock towerChurch on the Hillthe house where Vlad Tepes was born and the Covered Stairs. Once in Sighisoara you should not miss the local Orthodox Monastery andthe local Synagogue.

The best way of discovering all the sights described above is by taking a Sighisoara Citadel Tour