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Cycling around Sighisoara

Cycling is one of the best way to discover Sighisoara area. Traveling at your own peace, you can admire some of Europe’s last medieval landscapes with breathtaking views from the top of the rolling hills. You may combine cycling with exploration of countless Transylvanian historical treasures such as fortified churches. fortresses and castles present in almost every village around Sighisoara.
I propose you three different bike riding routes. all of them starting and ending in Sighisoara, suitable for a day ride.

Please be aware that you may find yourselves close to sheepfolds where shepherd dogs might bark and sometimes come very close to you. The golden rules in n this situation are:

1. DO NOT PANIC! Dogs will always sense that

2. Step off the bike and walk along it for a while, stop for one minute if they circle you. Remember, they are clever, trained dogs and they know you do not represent a threat for their flock. Most of the times they are just curios and just want to make sure they “chased you off” their territory and did their jobs.

If you do not have your bike with you, a good place to rent a bike is from Sergiu Paca: 0744389378

If are riding your own bike and encounter any kind of technical problems the “bike guru” of Sighisoara is Zoltan Balint : 0747742871, he is fluent in English and you can text, call or whatsapp him.

Last but not least, if you feel it will be more informative, safe and fun with a local bike tour guide along the way please drop me a line here and I will be happy to give you a fair quote for your request.