William Blacker and Emanuel Enache

William Blacker

First time when I heard about William Blacker in 2010 I was working with Mihai Eminescu Trust, an NGO patronized by HRH Prince Charles of Wales, William used to be General Manager of this foundation soon after the 1989 Romanian Revolution. Even though many years have passed peopled remembered him and spoke appreciative about him. I will never forget an rather old Saxon from Transylvania calling William “the most authentic British aristocrat” he has ever met, and of course he was refering about William`s attitude.
Three years later I found at Adept Transylvania Foundation, yet another transylvanian NGO supported by Prince Charles  a few copies of an English book called “Along the enchanted way” I took one to read in order to improve my humble English language, it was written by William without me making the link at that point moment the William I heard a few years before and the author of the book.
From the moment I started reading the first chapter  I was literally swept into an incredibly fascinating story of love and life happened in my country which I was to rediscover it, this time through the eyes of a totally nonconformist Englishman who came to Romania in January 1990 and actually never left since.
You should know this book was to become one of the best I have ever read in my life and without any doubt the best book ever written about Maramures and Transylvania.
If you are a Romanian and you will read this book you will become (more) proud of your country, if you are a foreigner and you will read this book you will come for sure to visit Romania.
The purpose of this post is that I want to share with you two pictures, one with William in front of his blue house in the village of Halma, and other with his son Constantin taken two days ago.

Constantin Blacker

Constantin Blacker

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