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Biertan villageSooner or later you will travel again, it’s a matter of “when” not “if”. Don’t be afraid to dream about your future travels, to continuously research about the places you would like to visit, to discover. Maybe hard to believe for many in this moment but life will return to normal faster than you think and than we are told at this time. The basic needs of the people cannot be suppressed for long by any kind of cataclysm, war or pandemic. Humans are social beings, this is simply how we were created and this is how we will continue to be and this thing will never change.
For compliance, at the time of writing this article, May 1, 2020, all Europe`s airports, hotels and restaurants are closed. Life has somehow been put “On Hold” in anticipation of an Apocalypse that is kept being postponed by media.
Social interaction has been dramatically banned with travelling at the top of most interesting and rewarding forms of social interaction. If you are honest with yourself, the most interesting memories from your travels are always related to people, not places. Try to remember the best travel moments of your life and you will see that they are entirely related to interactions with the people in those places. No matter how special a place is, without locals it remains barren and dry.


Please find below three practical travel tips for the braves among you who agrees that life is not only about paying bills and, from a perspective it is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

1. Get in touch with locals from your desired tourist destination, tour guides, pension owners, travel agents, etc., they all use Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Ask them straight forward questions about what might be worrying you: “Have there been coronavirus cases? ” “Did anyone die?” “How crowded is that town/region right now?” etc. Asking a question is always free but the answer to it might sometimes be priceless.




geese-travel-tips-ygt.ro2. Don’t travel on fast-forward,don’t try to see everything in 3 days, all the museums, attractions in a region. Depth is always found in what you can learn from the locals. Try to discover their way of life, their values, their way of thinking. Understanding them and learning their history will help you understand their ancestors who shaped the place that convinced you is worth to visit.




Gypsy-crafts-ygt.ro3. Add value to your time especially as it is possible that you will travel less in the coming years. Refuse to fall in the trap of cheapest price which guarantee you will return with nothing except some pictures on your phone and some fridge magnets. Book a tour instead with a local guide, and if that is possible, book a private tour. It is by far the best way to “feel” a place not just to visit it. And beyond the immediate practical benefits that a local guide brings along, such as access to places and information that you probably wouldn’t have found on your own, you will also support the local economy.



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